Current Sponsors

Wills Point Veterinary Clinic

Not only do Dr. Dan and Dr. Rachel Turner love Jazz, Star and Daisy Mae, they also understand and provide 24/7 care when needed to keep our girls healthy for every visit. It is not easy being a therapy animal vet and we love ours for all that they do for our mini angels.

Glenn Donahoo

Glenn is our farrier for Star and Jazz. He has dedicated his farrier talent to so many equine therapy teams in the area. Not only does he volunteer his time but he gives his heart to all the minis he meets. We love and appreciate his giving heart and friendship.

PetJoy Wire Dog

The PetJoy team works very hard for numerous therapy animal teams, including ours, creating therapy vests that are customized and personalized so that we look like a professional team while out on visits.

Crumpton Printing

The Crumptons (Sheril and Kim) and staff (Josh and Steve) have worked numerous hours helping us design and create the perfect trading cards of each mini angel so that our patients can collect them all. They have also assisted in our shirts, hats, business cards, thank you cards and stickers.We are blessed and thankful to have them love and support us in our jouney.

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