Texas Mini Angels

Who We Are...

Texas Mini Angels is an all volunteer organization that provides animal assisted therapy to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other facilities with need in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area. 

We try to have our animals tested and registered through Pet Partners. While we are not required to go through Pet Partners, we feel it is the only nationally recognized organization that sets a standard for animal behavior and professionalism for our miniature horses and miniature pig for animal assisted therapy.

Here at Texas Mini Angels we never charge for a visit and we do not receive any personal financial compensation for our services. Sharing our love of our therapy animals is our way of giving joy and smiles to the communities/facilities we serve.  We are a 501(c)(3) and can receive donations if you feel a need to support and give to our therapy program. All monies go towards our therapy animals and direct visit expenses such as leaving each patient with a stuffed horse/pig, trading cards and stickers.  

Benefits of Animal Therapy...

During our visits, our animals along with their volunteer handlers work under the direction of a professional at the facility. The goal of our therapy visits is to improve a patient's social, emotional, physical or cognitive functioning. Advocates state that animals can be useful for educational and motivational effectiveness for participants. 

In a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, etc., animal therapy and the human-animal bond has been known to do the following:

  1. ease suffering and anxiety;
  2. increase socialization; 
  3. decrease heart rate and blood pressure;
  4. improve the cardiovascular effects of stress;
  5. increase neurochemicals that are associated with relaxation;
  6. improve human immune system functioning; and
  7. alleviates depression, loneliness and low morale.

It is our Animal Angels who do the real work and create the love and bond with those they meet. We as volunteers and handlers are blessed and grateful to be present and watch our Animal Angels in action, healing hearts one smile at a time. 

Facilities We Visit